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Our developers write code for frontend, backend, and everything-in between using a variety of frameworks and languages.

We give back to the UC Davis community by holding workshops on technologies and techniques we use for our development.


Our designers create app and website prototypes using Sketch and Adobe XD; crafting the tiniest details to provide a user experience.

We ❤️ clean and minimal UI with fun pops of creativity.

Featured Project
Reimagining Maker Education in the classroom.
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We harness the power of machine learning to help students build multidisciplinary hands-on engineering projects. Our students build solutions to real-life problems being faced by society everyday that challenge their engineering skills.
We use an Artificial Intelligent (AI) Framework to identify learning patterns in our students to adjust the way we teach. By allowing students to go at their own pace, students from various backgrounds are challenged.
Recent Work
Design & engineering, mixed.
We are looking for developers.
Interested? Feel free to reach out!